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Why do we choose to teach math?

Some of us do it because of our enjoyment for the subject.

Others do it because of the excitement of working with
children and seeing them learn.

Still others do it because of their sense of duty and high
hopes for the future.

And these are just a few reasons.  There are infinitely more,
and the reasons we choose to teach math in Random Lake
is a combination of them all.

If you are a teacher, anywhere, we salute you!  There can
be no more rewarding life.  Though it is a huge
responsibility, you take on the daily challenges and strive to
reach your fullest potential as an educator for the benefit of
our youth everywhere.  Hopefully, this website will help
serve your needs as an instructional resource.

If you are a student considering becoming a teacher, we
highly encourage you to follow this career path option.  
Choose the subject you enjoy most and an age/ grade level
you enjoy best and work hard every day in order to follow
your dreams.  In the process you will likely find that all
subjects are interesting and all age/grade levels are
rewarding to work with.  Still, you must choose.  

We chose

"Math is Power, " was a slogan of the 90's.  "Math is Life,"
has been a slogan of the ages.  Well, math is our life -- and
it's a great life!

We sincerely hope that you enjoy math each and every
day.  It's all around you and you use it every day --
sometimes without even noticing...
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