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APPLIED MATH -- it's  a great
resource for students!!

Fundamentall Algebra Lessons
from Gizmo

Fundamentall Geometry Lessons
from Gizmo

Fundamental Math Concepts for
Applied Math Students
Problem Solving Strategy

Virtual Manipulatives
Genius test from coolmath

Fractions on coolmath

Thinking games
Millionaire - Mean Median Mode

Auto-Solver Mean Median Mode

Interactive Mean Median Mode
Fractions to Percents        Check Answers
Decimals to Percents        Check Answers
Rounding                Rounding Answers
How Fast and Accurate Can You Be??  Try - "That Quiz"

Start with Place Value, then do Graphs, then Measure...
How Fast and Accurate Can You Be Today?
Let's try the fractions column today - all 5, from identify through
probability.  Please mark your score sheets with your score
out of 10 and also your time needed to complete the task..
Customary Units of Measure
Conversions Check
Christmas Logic Puzzle
Number Puzzle Boxes
Conversions with
Answers to
Conversions with
Addition on Measures

Answer Check
Math Humor and Quotes, etc.