Teenager Bucket List
The Teenager Bucket List…
Things to do before becoming a 20-year old (geezer).
o        Learn how to properly shake hands.
o        Watch a sunrise and a sunset (but don’t look directly at the sun).
o        Learn how to say hello in 5 different languages.
o        Go ice skating.
o        Wade in an Ocean or Great Lake.
o        Try a roller coaster (remember to take motion sickness medication if
o        Plant a bush or a tree.
o        Try a new flavor of ice cream that you have never tried before.
o        Make dinner for the whole immediate family.
o        Attend an event in a large stadium.
o        Run a mile without stopping to walk.
o        Kick a football extra point through the goal post uprights.
o        Change a tire on a car just for practice.
o        Mark how tall you are on a door or wall and label it with the date.
o        Write a poem.
o        Camp out for one night (even if it’s just in your back yard).
o        Try playing a musical instrument.
o        Paint or Draw a picture to hang on the wall.
o        Make a list of at least 8 (the great 8) positive characteristic traits that you
have and want to maintain in your future.
o        Write down a list of all of the teachers you have had and all of your best
friends you have had growing up (before you forget).
o        Learn how something technological works.
o        Write a letter to a company to request something.
o        Stay up and watch a meteor shower.
o        Take 10 minutes to stop and think about what your life would have been like
if you lived in a previous century hundreds of years ago.
o        Run through a sprinkler on a hot day. (It’s still cool to do this until you get
older, then it’s peculiar.)
o        Go to a museum.
o        Visit a large zoo.
o        Go for a ride on the water in a boat, canoe, or kayak.
o        Before going to sleep, spend some time remembering the top 3 highlights
from your day.
o        Go without computer, TV, or other electronic entertainment devices for a
whole day, maybe even longer.
o        Take a fairly long nature hike.
o        Make up a word that does not exist and give it a meaning.
o        Listen to an old song from your parents or grandparents youth era.
o        Learn to find the North Star and to name some of the main constellations.
o        Perform volunteer work for some good cause that you choose.
o        Design a T-Shirt.
o        Take a stress relieving day off to refocus, but don’t be as crazy and foolish as
Ferris Bueller.
o        Research events that happened in the world during the year you were born.
o        Once, after somebody asks you how you are doing, give them the long
version of the story.
o        Make a pancake in the shape of the initial of your first name.
o        Build a snow or a sand sculpture.  
o        Read a long book.
o        Visit a farm.
o        Build something out of wood.
How Many of These Have You Accomplished?