You need Java to see this applet.

        Directions for today's Lab...

Step 1 -- Obtain a "Calculator Appreciation Day Activity List" from Mr. Murphy.
Step 2 -- Attempt to successfully complete each itemized activity.  
        (All the resources you need are linked above.  Just click and go to it.)
Step 3 -- Place your answers on your "Calculator Appreciation Day Activity List" form.
        (Avoid answer thieves -- Please do not let somebody else steal your answers.)
Step 4 -- Make sure your name is on your paper and turn it in.

Thank you for participating in Calculator Appreciation Day!!

Check these out today when you get done...
Here is what we are doing today...
If you are using a school
computer, please make sure
to follow all computer lab
rules and regulations.
Follow the directions below.

You need your
student ID and
password to
operate the school
Today we are learning and working with a
variety of different calculator features.  
You will likely learn some new buttons on the
calculator today!

Please scroll down and refer to the directions
below for the specifics of today's assignment...
BMI Calculator - Compute Your BMI
Our sites for today...
Site 1 Coolmath Graphing Calculator
Site 2 = Regular Scientific Calculator
Site 3 = Scientific Calculator with Bonus Features
It's Calculator
Appreciation Day!
Please See Our Lab Directions Below...
Astro-Physical Calculator
Math Operations Words
Purplemath Math Operations Words
Currency Converter - How Much Is a Dollar Worth?
hrw graphing calculator
nutshellmath mathcasts - helpers