Answer to the
question from
last month --
If it takes 5 people five
hours to screw in 5
light bulbs, then it
takes 25 hours of
labor (5 times 5) to
complete the job
(screwing in the light
Therefore, it would
take one person
hours to complete the
task working alone.
Did you get it right?
How about the
question this month?
Cool Facts...
Did you know that the
Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2,
3, 5, 8, 13, 21, ... etc. was not
actually discovered by
Fibonacci (who was also
called Leonardo of Pisa)?  
He was just the first to
publish it to the western
world.  In actuality, it was
first identified by a person
with the name  
(sorry I can't pronounce that
any better than you can)
sometime between 450 bc
and 200 bc.  Between the
years 800 and 1150, the
sequence was studied by
mathematicians in India.  
Then, in 1202, Leonardo of
Pisa (the famous Fibonacci)
presented it, and the
sequence is still used
today!  It has numerous
applications to the real
world.  Study it at this site...

By the way, if you had a
name like
Leonardo of Pisa,
what would your name be?  
Perhaps you would be
of Madison
, or Polly of
.  How many other
people would share the
same name with you if you
were just called by your first
name and the place where
you lived???
Math --
Don't leave school without it!
Here it is...
Get this right and you win, well, you still win nothing.  
But you will always have the personal satisfaction of
knowing that you were correct!  And that is worth
more than money can buy.
The Question of the Month...
If a person can run the 100 yard dash in a time of
13.48 seconds, how long would it take that
person, running at the same rate of speed, to
finish a 100 meter dash?

You can use this online conversion service to help
convert meters to yards...   

What is your answer?
Think it through.
Solve it.
Check it.
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