School Supplies
for Our Math Class
Recommended Class Supplies (please scroll through list):  
**Students need a scientific calculator (
Any TI-30 Type is recommended).
Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS  or TI-30XA may be best for our class

**Students should have TWO separate notebooks for math class.  
One notebook for taking notes and the other for math assignments.  

**Writing utensils - pens or pencils, whichever the student prefers.

**Additionally, a folder for organizing math materials would be useful.

**Students will also need (the non-expensive type) headphones for
occasional individual math lesson work on the school computers.
at Wal-Mart
**This is a very
nice calculator
with a 2-line
Also comes in a
variety of colors!!
Call Mr. Murphy at school
920-994-9193 ext. 218, or on his
cell phone 920-904-0363
at Wal-Mart
*This is a nice
calculator with a
1-line screen.
Scientific Calculators have a useful fraction key that Graphing Calculators do not have.  Also, when we work on our
graphing units, we use the school computers which have higher quality visual programs than the typical graphing
calculators, so, if you do not all ready have a Graphing Calculator, please don't spend the money to buy one for our
class.  However, if you do all ready have a Graphing Calculator, it will work fine for you in our class.
RLHS is the Best!!
Work hard, learn a lot, make good
decisions, meet new friends,
participate in school activities if
possible, and have a tremendously
high quality school year!