How to become a member
of YGS...
Young Genius Society Membership Requirements
Young Genius Society
                               YGS members A-I-M for success!
                                          •        Attitude
                                          •        Intelligence
                                          •        Modesty
YGS is a secret society of intellectuals that can successfully perform a number of brain
based intelligence tasks (15 of them known as the
“15 degrees of genius”) without
boasting and/or making others feel inferior, no matter how inferior others may be.
The tasks involve both thinking in the box - knowledge and reasoning skills, intelligence
testing, and thinking out of the box – reasoning and educated guessing.

2011 – 15 Required tasks for YGS certification (the “15 degrees of genius”)…
Individuals need to perform all 15 tasks successfully at least once.  Candidates can retry
tasks until they reach each of the target goals.
1.          Math Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
2.          History Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
3.          Science Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
4.          Language Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
5.          World Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
6.          General Knowledge – 100% on 15 questions.
7.          Calculations – 100% on 15 questions in 2 minutes.
8.          Visual Estimation Skills – Eyeballing Game – final 3-round score less than 5.1.
9.          Visual Computation Skills – Geometry Pool – score greater than 30,000.
10.        Reasoning Skills – 100% on 10 questions.
11.        IQ Test – Score greater than 110.
12.        NFL Wonderlic Test – Score greater than 25.
13.        Thinking outside the box – 100% on 12 questions.
14.        Thinking way outside the box – Impossible Quiz complete through level 24.
15.        Educated guessing.  Get 5 in a row.
**(The 15 degrees of genius are subject to potential change each calendar year.)

Whenever you successfully accomplish all 15 tasks, please e-mail your name using the
contact us tab on to receive your certificate.  Then, to activate
your membership, put your left hand over your certificate, raise your right hand and utter the
“oath of honesty” followed by the “YGS secret pledge.”

If you falsely report your name for membership without actually successfully fulfilling the
conditions for YGS certification, the dreaded
“Curse of Fibonacci” will immediately be
placed upon your head and grow sequentially with each passing day until you either
properly fulfill the requirements or report your name for removal from the secret YGS
membership list.  
Consider yourself warned - the Curse of Fibonacci is extremely dangerous.
Take the Curse of King Tut and multiply it by the following numbers
each day after submitting a false report.  
1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, ..., etc.
If you succeed in your
15 degrees of genius, then congratulations are in order and you
should report your name to receive your certificate.  However, if you do not succeed, please
be honest with your results - Don't risk the “Curse of Fibonacci” under any circumstances.
vos Savant